The German immigrants to Virginia, who, in the decade of the 1720s, settled in and around the Robinson River Valley of what is today Madison County, are also known as the Second Colony of the Germanna immigrants to Virginia. This page is to provide information, research, articles and other items of interest for their descendants.

This genealogy list covers all German settlers in Virginia, including the Germanna Second Colony. You can subscribe through

Germanna Research Group

1st and 2nd Germanna Colonies Family History. Website with the goal of dissemination of research, genealogy and history of the colonists. Contains the GRG JOURNAL, an on-line publication issued 4 times a year with articles by Germanna researchers and descendants. Free access to public. Premium content and forum accessible to members. Membership is free.

Beyond Germanna and John Blankenbaker John Blankenbaker. Between 1989 and 2005, John Blankenbaker published a newsletter, Beyond Germanna, devoted to both the First and Second Colonies of the Germanna immigrants. Some of the articles are posted on his site and you can order a CD of the entire newsletter from him. John Blankenbaker is considered to be the foremost researcher on Second Colony topics and his corrections to older research make his information indispensable. You can also buy:

“Hebron” Baptismal Register of the German Lutheran Church in Culpeper/Madison Counties, Virginia: 1750 to 1849, By John Blankenbaker, 2003.

The Hebron Communion Lists, 1775 to 1812, by John Blankenbaker, 2001, 2003.

The Culpeper Classes, by John Blankenbaker.

George Durman's Rootsweb Site

1st and 2nd Germanna Colonies Family History Website run by George Durman contains 2500 notes written by John Blankenbaker over nearly a decade, as well as many links to other Second Colony related sites, helpful information, and family trees. Website for the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies of Virginia, founded 1956. Offerings for Second Colony are:

— Annual Reunion for descendants of both colonies and Spotswood includes educational conference with some second colony information and unique bus tour of Madison County, Virginia, including land patented by second colony in that county, and the Hebron Lutheran Church. Second Colony related publications include:
- Germanna Record #11: Carpenter and Wayland Descendants, 1968, 2nd printing 1982.
- Germanna Record #12: Aylor, Snyder and Tanner, 1970, 2nd printing 1978.
- Germanna Record #13: Blankenbaker, Weaver,Wilhoite, 1971, 2nd printing 1982.
- Germanna Record #16: The Michael Clore Family, Cathi Clore Frost, 2006.
- Germanna Record #18: The Second Germanna Colony and Other Pioneers, John Blankenbaker, 2008 (provides an overview of all 2nd Colony families.)
- Germanna Record #19: The Yager Family: The First Five Generations, Cathi Clore Frost, 2010

BooneGermanna This site was set up by the descendants of Second Colony members who left the Hebron Lutheran Church for “the hinterlands” in 1805 to found their own church, the Hopeful Lutheran Church, in Boone County, Kentucky. This church exists today and many descendants of the Rouse, Tanner, Utz,Clore and many other Germanna families remain in Boone County, today. In 1854, a Hebron Lutheran Church was founded about 10 miles away from Hopeful, and its cemetery is also filled with many Germanna names.

Madison County Historical Society

Meetings, newsletter, maintains historic Kemper home, slave quarters, old Arcade. Map of old Madison homes. Address: Madison County Historical Society, P.O. Box 67, Madison, VA 22727. Phone: (540) 948-5488.

Other books and publications of interest to Second Colony researchers:

History of the Hebron Lutheran Church, 1717-1990, by Rev. William Peter Huddle, 1908. Reprinted, with epilogue by Margaret Grim Davis, 1990.

Land Grants of Madison County,Virginia, by Dewey B. Lillard, 2000, available from Madison County, VA, Historical Society or Dewey B. Lillard, RR1 Box 82A, Madison, VA 22727.


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County Creation Dates

Although you will find four different Virginia counties mentioned in the history and genealogy of the Second Colony, after 1726 most of them lived in just one place, today's Madison County, Virginia. To lessen confusion, note the following dates of county creation:

Spotsylvania County, created from Essex County, 1721

Orange County, created from Spotsylvania County, 1734

Culpeper County, created from Orange County, 1748

Madison County, created from Culpeper County, 1793

Germanna Research Group

The Germanna Research Group is an independent group of scholars, researchers, and students of 18th and early 19th-century Virginia history. A major focus of inquiry will be the German immigrants who arrived in colonial Virginia in the early 1700s, and Lieutenant Governor Alexander Spotswood. The descendants of these German immigrants, now spread far and wide, contribute to these affiliated websites. The Germanna Research Group is not affiliated, however, with any other organization. Click the logo above to link to the Germanna Research Group.