Many of the members of the Second Colony in the Robinson River Valley of what is today Madison County, Virginia, were soldiers in the war or otherwise supportive of the war effort. Below, find links to the pension applications of several veterans. For an explanation of pension legislation, bureaucratic terms used on the documents and for source materials, see Suzanne Matson's work on the Germanna Research Group website. In addition, some Second Colony citizens who did not serve in uniform otherwise were recognized by Virginia.

Samuel Carpenter

Samuel Carpenter's service has been shown through a pension awarded to his wife, Margaret "Peggy" Blankenbaker, in 1856. Peggy's marriage to Samuel was verified in Madison County, Virginia, in the Madison County, Virginia, Order Book in 1854. To see both documents, click here.

Martin Deer

An article describing the Revolutionary War service of Martin Deer, and his efforts to receive his pension, was contained in Volume 1, Number 1, of the Germanna Research Group Journal. Martin was the son of Martin and Veronica Deer who arrived in the Robinson River Valley of present day Madison County, Virginia, before 1751. To read the article, click here.

Captain Mark Finks--to come

Mark Finks is found commanding a unit which included Joseph Rouse. More to come.

Joseph Rouse

Joseph Rouse stated that he served at Peterburgh and at Yorktown. See his pension application, made before a Court in Ohio. Click here to see application.

Abraham and Frederick Tanner--to come

William Thomas--to come

Nicholas Yager--to come

Solomon Yeager--to come

Frederick Zimmerman--to come


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County Creation Dates

Although you will find four different Virginia counties mentioned in the history and genealogy of the Second Colony, after 1726 most of them lived in just one place, today's Madison County, Virginia. To lessen confusion, note the following dates of county creation:

Spotsylvania County, created from Essex County, 1721

Orange County, created from Spotsylvania County, 1734

Culpeper County, created from Orange County, 1748

Madison County, created from Culpeper County, 1793

Germanna Research Group

The Germanna Research Group is an independent group of scholars, researchers, and students of 18th and early 19th-century Virginia history.  A major focus of inquiry will be the German immigrants who arrived in colonial Virginia in the early 1700s, and Lieutenant Governor Alexander Spotswood.  The descendants of these German immigrants, now spread far and wide, contribute to these affiliated websites.  The Germanna Research Group is not affiliated, however, with any other organization. Click the logo above to link to the Germanna Research Group.